Our Travel Systems are upmarket used or pre-loved prams that differ from strollers or joggers. Travel systems are baby prams that includes an infant seat(birth to 13kg) and sometimes the infant seat base as well.

Travel Systems are great for the first two to three years and used from birth by using the included infant seat. These prams tend to be quite robust and suited for most terrains. Take specifically note of the size of the wheels as indicators of their application. Our used or second hand baby prams for sale are in immaculate condition and caters for the discerning parent. We understand fully that just the best is good enough for your little one.

Our used or second hand upmarket travel systems includes the following brands: Joie prams for example Joie Litetrax 3 and 4, Joie Chrome, Joie Mirus and the Joie Muze. Parents can conveniently rent for a period of 5 months Joie Isofix and non-Isofix bases from us. We also sell Maxi-Cosi prams, Noola and Nula prams, Jeep, Chelino, Valco, City Mini, City Elite travel systems and many more.

Baby prams can also include strollers that are best suited for older babies or toddlers. Stroller prams are light and has mostly small wheels. Great for shopping.

Jogger prams tend to be three wheelers with big wheels and best suited for the outdoors. They can also be used from birth to 3 years but not always have an infant seat. Joggers are very bulky and quite heavy. We have a separate page or category just for joggers and strollers on our website.
We have many prams for babies in-store as well as online. Whether you live in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you will find your immaculate travel system or baby pram with us.

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