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Rent Daily MacLaren Twin Stroller Pram

R30.00 / Day

Dear clients; Days 15-21: 15% Days 22-30: 20% Scroll down for more :
  1. Features and specifications of the Maclaren Twin Pram
  2. Why should I rent a twin pram instead of buying?
Rent Daily Phil and Ted Jogger

Rent Daily Phil and Ted Jogger

R25.00 / Day

Rent Phil and Teds Explorer is sleek, easy-to-use, 3-wheeler pram/stroller that’s versatile enough to use from birth to 6 years. Robust for the outdoors. R 1199.00 – 3 Months rental Discounts: Days 15-21: 10% Days 22-30: 25% Scroll down for more :
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